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 Short Term

   2-Day Test: $95


  Long Term/Apartments/Schools/Commercial

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 Water  Test:  $95  (Needed if you have a well) 



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Services For Colorado Realtors

Real estate transactions are complicated – and stressful – enough without added concern over radon. Despite what many people think, radon levels are among the most straightforward factors to test and, if necessary, mitigate when selling or buying a house.  Since high radon levels are a serious health concern, it does have to be addressed, but it does not have to derail your home purchase!

Radon Tester

Affordable Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family


Arvada Radon is an independent company that focuses on testing.

This assures that you receive accurate, unbiased results.


If your test indicates unsafe levels we can provide information

on professional mitigation companies in your area.


A Simple 2-Day Test Could Save Your Life


Our number-one goal is to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.


Our Mission: 

To save as many lives as possible through radon education and testing. 



Our testing equipment is the newest and most advanced

in electronic radon gas detection.


The EPA Recommends Retesting Every 2 Years